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Written by Ken Sato   
Friday, 18 September 2009 18:15

It is not always easy creating the world’s largest photo gallery in real. It requires a lot of hard works and patience. Something make us motivate most is generous supports and feedback from you. We can’t be more than happy to share some of feedback from public. Thank you.
Ken Sato

“Thank you for sharing your vision and artistry. The photographs of Rochester's past seem to bring Rochester's present to life as people stop to look, read, and talk about Rochester's yesterdays. I - along with many other Rochesterians - enjoyed a thoroughly delightful walk down Main Street. Beautiful concept, well-done!”
- Germaine
“Although I live in Atlanta GA now I always check in  to see how the team at BPR are doing and what you have accomplished. The 2008 Photo gallery takes me to where Ken first visioned the project could be. I remember the portfolio of pics when you first started. You did it and continue to do so. It is amazing and so fun to see. This puts a smile to my face and brings warm memories of home in Rochester NY.  I plan to visit home in July and will take a drive to see all of this first hand. Congrats to Ken and the entire team for accomplishing these goals together and for making Rochester a special city to live in.  It was a pleasure to be apart of a such a bueatiful project/vision. Thank you.”
“This is a very exciting project and I will go through my old photos to find what I have of interest. Old photos are a wonderful way to help our elders, especially those who have dementia, to think back on their lives and verbalize their memories.”
“Looks great!”
“Thank you so much for your efforts to enhance the downtown experience.  I've visited your exhibits many times.  WOW! Involuntarily pops out of my mouth each time.  Definitely, more attention should be showered on this outdoor gallery. Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo! Thanks again for your wonderful creativity.”
“I want to applaud your vision and efforts! What an excellent project to add color to what is, more often than not, the gray skyline of Rochester”
“Just a heartfelt "thank you" for all the hard work and inspiration you are lending with this project. I've lived here all my life...and I remember how much fun the Downtown Rochester used to be. We tend to forget....and focus on the negative aspects. I can hardly wait to see the photos on display!!! Who knows? Maybe I'll even snap a few. Ken, you are just what we needed here in Rochester! Thank you for letting us see our beautiful city through fresh eyes!”
“I know that you mentioned that you don't want the pictures to be promotional vehicles, but I feel that for at least the first year, they should show interesting or historic places around our state...with New York State in such dire financial situations, these pictures would encourage pride...and travel...within the state, which would help the economy.  We need to see things that make us feel good about our city, county and state these days!”
- Jody
“I would love to submit a picture to your project. I think it is a wonderful idea.”
- Shannon
“Love the concept! I think this is a GREAT idea. I bike (bicycle) a lot downtown and I think this visual addition will add more that aesthetics to downtown. Congrats!”
“I was wondering if there are currently prints available for purchase of the picture that is being displayed. I am interested in purchasing one for my home.  Thank you.  Great art work.”
“ I love your vision and I love what you are doing for Rochester. THANK YOU.”
“The banner looks great! I look forward to seeing more.“
“I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck for the opening on the 29th and 30th, I’m really glad to see the project going forward! Thank you so much for this!!! Rochester really needs projects like this, and it is a great idea for art and photography!”
“I’ve been watching this Outdoor Museum idea sort of blossom and I think it is really great.  Rochester needs things like this so badly.  We are the Image City but we have our own image problem, as well as a confidence problem.  I’m sure there will be problems with the idea but thanks for running with the creativity”
“As artists located in the Rochester area we applaud your outdoor museum efforts. Great idea!”
“I think your idea is a great one. I am a local photographer and would love to help contribute to the project. I plan on submitting some photos for the 10,000 project that’s going on right now.“
“BPR is fantastic. Congratulations on an innovative, fantastic display of art.”
“Thank you for caring enough about the city of Rochester to do something like this. It is a wonderful idea. The photo ideas are beautiful. I hope it follows through as planned, because I would hate to see it die out or not be maintained. Thank you again, a job well done... I can’t wait to see what comes of it!”
“I attended the presentation held at the Library a few months ago and was very impressed.  I would like to submit. Thank you!”
“Seems like a very interesting project that I would like to learn more about.”
“I am one of the photographer who my work is included in you presentation slide show and I am very pleased to see that your project is still alive. It is an amazing thing you are trying to accomplish. All the best.”
“I am a student at the University of Rochester. I think this is a great idea to improve Rochester’s image through art. Sincerely,”
“Ken, I’ve been reading about your idea with great interest, as I am also working on a project that involves Art and the Erie Canal.”
“I think this is a great idea...the photos would add color, vibrancy, and interest to the downtown area as well as to be a wonderful opportunity for photographers.”
“This is a great idea.  For the historical photo aspect, why not also ask Kodak to display one or more of their old Photorama images that once graced Grand Central Station in NYC?  Although they weren't displayed outdoors, they set the historical precedent for public display of monumental photographic images.”
“Type comments here. great idea I am totaly supportive of your project and all the best...”
Name: Ingrid Bock Yang
“Hi, Ken.  I saw the article in the D and C, and think your idea is an excellent one.  In my opinion, Rochester fails miserably at projecting, or even having, a positive self-image.  I've thought for a long time that we should change our name from, "Flower City", which is just a spelling change of "Flour City" (which is true but ancient history, in case no one has told you), to, "Image City", and then really BE an image city.  My husband and I play in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, and he and I have been helping with a project to bring large photos to the RPO office windows.  It's tricky.  People have trouble agreeing on which photos should be displayed, how high is the resolution required, should there be a size limit...all kinds of things.  But the RPO is known for being risk-averse, something it's trying to change.  It's great that you're taking a risk, and I think you'll be successful.  Two things come to my mind as I think about your idea.
I believe that it might be more effective, more visually compelling, to have fewer photos per building than were shown in the large photo on page 8A of the newspaper.  Although each of those three photos is individually stunning, together they compete for my attention.  Not everyone will be stopping to study each photo.  Many people will be passing quickly through, and I think one perfect photo will make a bigger impact.  My other thought is this--why do it for just one year?  I'd love to see this be a permanent, rotating exhibit, with photos held in storage until their next time on display comes around.  I think it could be very exciting to see the photos change, and would bring in repeat visitors, not just one-timers.  It would allow photographers to submit photos that reflect our world as it changes, and it would allow new generations of photographers to participate.  It could also be exciting to "retire" a certain photo, which might also be a way of raising more funds for the ongoing exhibit.  One other thing I like about having the exhibit rotate is that it would spread out the financial burden, and photos could be added into the rotation as they were paid for, so to speak.  In fact, your idea might very well attract tenants and owners to some of the vacant buildings downtown, just so that they could "have" a photo of their own.  You've probably thought of these things already, but I wanted to write and give my support and thoughts.  Bravo!”
“Loved the pics - what a great way to enhance the city!  WAY TO GO!!! Great way to convince visitors that our unique city is really unique. This is a sure fire way to make Rochester a "GEM" attraction!!!
-Alan & Joan
“I just read the article in the D&C online and have just viewed your website.  I love it.  I think it's an awesome idea and would love to help in anyway.  I plan on telling as many people from Rochester about it to get more enthusiasm.  Will you be taking donations?  I'm still a poor college student, but I would be more than willing to make a small donation to jumpstart this project.  I think there should be a trial period first to see the response from people, like for the upcoming Jazz Festival.  Find a few buildings around that area, negotiate and put some up.  People are out at night and enjoying the weather and music and they see these beautiful pieces of art.  I don't understand why Kodak and Xerox are not throwing themselves at you for a chance to fund this project.  It makes soooo much sense since we are the base for Kodak and Xerox both image companies!!!!  It is such a simple and relatively inexpensive project, at yet, no one has thought of it, until now.  Please keep at it and I'm sure this newspaper article will get the movement energized even more.  I just love the idea.”
“I just happened to read this article online.  I have not thought about the idea enough to really quantify how viable it is, but still think it is a great idea.”
“I am a Rochester local (Genesee area) and I think its a great idea. As such, I want to help out and I have some large format (6x17cm) negatives that I would love to submit them.”
“Thank you so much for your awesome vision for our downtown area! I don't have a lot of money but would certainly donate to this project. Where can I send a check? Good luck and thank you again for your inspiration.”
“I think this project sounds like a great idea!  I would love to be kept on your mailinglist as I would like to submit an entry when the contest happens.  Also I am moving to Rochester in the spring of 2006 and would like to maybe help with the project.  be in touch”
“I read today's D&C article, and it was the first time I heard about this project. I immediately thought that it is an excellent idea. I watched the slide show and are very impressed. I have relocated to Rochester (from Germany) 5 years ago. I am a city person and also decided to live in Rochester in the city. This exhibit would upgrade Rochester city living for me tremendously. I'd be glad to support this project. Feel free to contact me anytime. Best regards.”
“Fantastic. I am a 27 year old professional, who resisted the brain drain of Rochester. Concepts like this make me think there is hope for this floundering city. I think this is a brilliant idea and would bring a regional buzz to downtown Rochester. If you want people downtown you need to have something they want downtown, very simple. Let me know how I can help.”
“I read with interest the article in today's paper.  I think this is a great idea!  It would add so much to this city, and would be a point of interest for visitors and potential visitors...and would be a great topic of discussion for city and area residents.”
“ If these photographs are to bring tourists to the area, some of the photographs might serve a dual purpose by being photos of local and area tourist  attractions, such as the George Eastman House, the Strong Museum, canal boats, Genesee Country Museum, the Rochester Public Market,
Finger Lakes Wineries, etc.  Tourists looking at the photographs might then be inclined to visit the spots featured.  So...they come to Rochester to view the photographs, and then visit the locations that they see...”
“I think this is a fantastic opportunity for the city of Rochester. Especially with the strong tie to Kodak. I am a 25 year old Art Director who currently lives in the city, I would love to hear more about this project”
“After reading the news article in this morning's paper I got on your web site.  Wonderful Idea!!  I hope I live to see this happen.  My husband was an expert amateur photographer along with many other Kodak Camera Club members back in the 50's, 60's & 70's.  I for one would love to see some of their pictures on the city buildings.  I have scanned his thousands of slides onto to my computer and am currently working on a book of his black & white prize winners.  I plan to have this book made in his memory as gifts to my children & relatives.”
“BPR is a great idea for Rochester, Considering it is the Image Capital of the World. I would think Kodak would be all over funding this project. Maybe even Xerox with helping print these images. I work and have lived downtown and feel one thing it lacks is color and things that really make you feel good about being here.”
“Just read about this in the D. and C., and I think it's a fantastic idea!  My husband and I don't have much money to donate, but would love to be involved in some way.”
“I read with interest the article in the D&C this morning about BPR. I've been involved with the arts and photography in the Rochester area for almost 30 years and the scope and ambition of your idea was breathtaking. I have contacts at RIT, the Visual Studies Workshop, the Eastman House, and the local advertising industry that might be helpful to you.”
“My co-author photographer Robert S. Harris and I love the BPR concept and would feel privileged if you could use copies of our hardcover fine art book Music for the Eyes to help you raise the funds you need to make BPR a reality. I would be happy to send you a sample (once you give me a mailing address). It would be amazing if what Bob viewed as our little art gallery on paper would help make this city-size gallery come to life. I have seen projects in art magazines where words and images are projected on buildings at night. But the BPR idea seems so much bigger and better. Bravo, and let's raise that first million!.”
- KC
“Ken, love your idea. Great article in this morning's D & C.  If you have not already approached The Golisan Foundation you should.  Tom Golisano is a local philanthropist who takes great pride in this area.  Good Luck.”
“I think this is a great  idea.”
“I am interested in participating in this great project. I specialize in realistic landscapes and cityscapes of the Rochester area and feel that photo images of them would be perfect for the proposal. I can forward images to you if you are interested.”
“The article in the D&C was very informative.  Your web site is great.  I am willing to help as needed.“
- Leonard
“I am the Business and Economic Director with the City of Canandaigua NY. There has been discussion regarding a public art project. I would like to discuss further.”
- Sal
“I think it is a wonderful idea. It will make  a dead city come alive. Good Luck. Hope you are successful.”




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