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Written by Ken Sato   
Tuesday, 02 April 2013 14:40

Ken Sato, the director of Big Picture, collaborated with a eccentric Japanese artiest, Miyuki Nishizawa, as known as Newspaper Woman, at Guggenheim Museum in NY city in March 8th 2013.

"Big Newspaper Project" was a part of Miyuki's art performance at Guggenheim in March 8th. Ken designed the giant newspaper and it was used during her performance.


Currently the Guggenheim is holding the exhibition, Gutai: Splendid Playground, which presents the creative spectrum of Japan’s most influential avant-garde collective of the postwar era.


The performance was hommage to Shozo Shimamoto, co-founder of Gutai and recently pass away at the age to 85. Miyuki and Ken are students of Shimamoto.

Please see the detail of the event at Guggenheim website.
Art After Dark at the Guggenheim


Please enjoy more pictures at facebook pages.


Newspaper Woman with Big Picture at Guggenheim Museum

and Here:

Big Picture at Guggenheim Museum




From Guggenheim museum website.




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