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Written by Ken Sato   
Friday, 30 May 2008 20:17

Submit pictures for second phase!

Now we are preparing for our second phase. We plan to install around 50 pictures this time. Now you can submit more pictures.

The Theme-“Beautiful Reflections of Rochester”
For the first phase we chose pictures of Rochester events. For the second phase we would like to display more diverse pictures. So we are going back to our original theme, “Beautiful Reflections of Rochester.” Read more details below.

Up to 50 Pictures
You can submit
up to 50 pictures.
The deadline is June 30th, 2008.

Submit Pictures via Flickr or via mail.

How to Submit

Please register as a BPR photographer first!
Detial from Here

Application Form from Here

Via Flickr
Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. It is easy to use and to share your pictures with others.

1). Log in to your Flickr account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for free at .

2). Upload your images to your Flickr account.

3). Join to Big Picture Rochester Group.

4). Click “Organize” on the top and select the images you wish to submit for the second phase.

5). Tag each photo, “SecondPhase-BPR08”.

6). Categorize using tags on each photo with at least one of following: People, Events and Festivals, Nature, Landscapes, Art, and Miscellaneous.

7). Add titles and descriptions and additional tags to photo. We recommend to you do this.

7). Use “Send to Group” function to add your images to Big Picture Rochester’s photo pool.

• Please keep your original with the original size and resolution by raw format or tiff. The resolution must be around 6 million pixels or greater (6 megapixels).

•You have to be capable to send the original by our request.

• When you send us the original, tiff format is recommended, but if your camera just takes Jpeg format, you can send jpeg format, too.

•Please show your EXIF data. This will show information about each of your photos, the make & model of the camera you used to take the shot. It is very useful for us to know what camera you use. Click “You” on the top. Choose “Your account.” Click “edit”
for Hide your EXIF data. Take out check on the box.

Via Mail
You can send a CD or DVD with pictures. The address is 2 State St. Suite 975, Rochester NY 14614 .

Please categorize by category names: People, Events and Festivals, Nature, Landscapes, Art, and Miscellaneous.- locate your pictures to the folders with the name.

The Folder should be like below:

Main folder - your name
|----Sub Folder- people
|---- Events and Festivals
|---- Nature:
|---- Landscapes:

• Please send pictures with the original size and resolution. The resolution must be around 6 million pixels or greater (6 megapixels).

• Tiff format is recommended, but if your camera just takes Jpeg format, you can send jpeg format.

What type of photographs are we looking for?

Beautiful reflections of Rochester.

Photos should be of a variety of subjects from the Greater Rochester area that reflect great beauty, wonderful moments, attractive actions, interesting movements, and gorgeous expressions of people.

We would especially like to see photos from the following categories: people, events and festivals, nature, landscapes, and art.

We would like to display a lot of photographs of people this year. Photos of Rochesterians will be a big part of this year’s exhibition. We are not looking for photos of famous people or professional models. The photos should be of people around you like friends, family or neighbors on streets, in offices, schools, parks or places that you really like in Rochester. We would like to see happiness, joy, fun, and pride in ordinary lives.

Events and Festivals:
Jazz Festival, Lilac Festival, St. Patrick’s Parade, High Falls Film Festival, Rochester Criterion (bike race), etc. We have so many interesting and exciting events and festivals in Rochester. We would like photos that capture the excitement and atmosphere and we want to display them both before and after the event.

For example, someone walking on East Avenue who isn’t familiar with the Jazz Festival can’t imagine that thousands of people are on this street during the festival. However, if there are huge photos of the Jazz Festival exhibited on the walls of the buildings on East Ave. with descriptions of the event, he/she could share the excitement of the festival.

Because the photos will be displayed downtown where there are almost no green spaces, it will be important to display some nature scenes. The colors of nature could relieve people’s stress.

Because some photos will be really big, we will be able to create the atmosphere of a landscape.

Please do not submit ordinary landscape photos like High Falls or Rochester’s skyline unless the photo is from a different view. For example, if you want to submit a High Falls photo, instead of taking the photo from the footbridge, take it from an angle that most people don’t see.

It is difficult to say what is considered art, so we won’t discuss it here. However, we assume that there are many, you think to be, artistic photos in your stock. Please include them in this category.

No categorizing system is perfect, so we have this category. If you have great photos that don’t fit into any of the categories above, please submit them under this category.

Kenichiro Sato
2 State St. #975
Rochester NY, 14614



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