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Written by Ken Sato   
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City eye candy. A way to spruce up and make downtown more inviting

(June 1, 2007) — Remember the decorative horse statues that adorned the sidewalks of Rochester a few years ago? Now imagine huge photographs, in color and black and white, on the walls of drab downtown buildings.

What a fitting way to not only beautify downtown but to celebrate the city's World Imaging Center heritage. Eastman Kodak, after all, still remains the most well-known company in the world associated with imaging.

Besides, providing eye candy that captures the essence of Rochester and its diverse people is sure to be a hands-down favorite over the limestone that seems to dominate downtown architecture.

Business, community and area college and university leaders should join with owners of downtown buildings, the city and the county to support Big Picture Rochester.

The nonprofit company was formed last year with the goal of erecting three to five 40-foot-by-60-foot "wallscapes," and about 50 much smaller ones throughout downtown.

Big Picture Rochester raised $15,000 with help from the city and SUNY Brockport to erect a vinyl wallscape, a photo mosaic that currently drapes the north side of the school's downtown campus.

While the vinyl wallscapes, which last up to three years, are costlier, 10-foot-by-20-foot paper wallscapes can be done much more cheaply and last for about three months.


Wallscapes can be a treat for visitors attending downtown music, art and sporting events, or the international Criterium bicycle race.

And they should be another inducement for the startup of an annual festival to welcome thousands of college freshmen to the region.

Photographs by Ayaka May

Computer graphics by Kenichiro Sato


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